Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The color is what is really special here, the lace so delicate and ethereal!


 Beautiful pleated shelf bust. These Paradise dresses are crazy sexy!

 This one was insane in person.

This was from my personal collection, I wore it as a bridesmaid with an angora cream hat!

 Studded 40's

Velvet 40's

Crepe 40's.

 Bombshell! Boy, my photography was not that great!


Car print! Are you kidding me!

 Sweetest Suzy.

One of my favorite customers bought this at the shop after it was hidden away too long!


These embroidered blouses are so hard to find but so universally loved I get asked for them all the time!

 Neato 3 piece set. This sucker was heavy!

 80s does 50s can be pretty cute!

Couldn't we all use a wrap blouse like this! This would kill at Tiki Oasis for the Beatnik theme!

 Outstanding pink-ness. Just wow!

Lilli Diamond? Def. an all time favorite!

I remember finding this designer piece on a Halloween rack in Fresno!



 One of my own collection, I will tell the truth: I regret every Hawaiian I have ever sold.

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